Veteran Benefits

At CremateSimply® our mission is to provide transparent and straight-forward pricing. Our team of Cremation Specialists are not only experienced in all aspects of the cremation process but Veteran Cremation Benefits as well.
For our Veterans our Simple Cremation includes more than just the basics to complete cremation at no additional cost.

Our Veteran Simple Cremation

$1,395 + tax


  • Bringing your loved one into our care (within 20 miles)
  • Basic Staff Services
  • Obtaining of permit for cremation
  • Safekeeping until permit is received
  • Cremation
  • 5 certified copies of the death certificate + 1 additional for VA use
  • Notification to Social Security
  • Cremation Container
  • Simple Urn
  • Free Online Obituary
  • Free U.S. Burial Flag
  • Establishing of eligibility of Veteran or Spouse for National Cemetery
  • Scheduling service, ordering grave space and headstone or urn wall space
  • All available Military Honors for Veterans