CremateSimply® is Affordable and Simple

At CremateSimply®, we own and operate our own crematories and our people are here, onsite, to be sure every step is perfect. We offer affordable pricing along with multiple service and merchandise options because every family is not the same. We include everything you need and allow you to simply select what fits your family’s needs. Our online platform makes it easy to complete the required documentation in the comfort of your own home. Our team of cremation specialists take care of the paperwork and permits.

Your loved one stays safe in our care until the cremation is completed by our compassionate and dedicated staff.

How It Works

Pick Up

We work with you to schedule a time to bring your loved one into our care.


We walk you through the simple cremation process.


You pick up the ashes or arrange for an alternative delivery method.

All from the comfort and privacy of your home