Doing Our Part for the Environment

At CremateSimply®, we believe we’re all in this together. To compensate for cremation’s environmental impact, we’re working with a renewable energy partner to offset our carbon footprint. Although cremations are much better for the environment than traditional burials, carbon dioxide (CO2) is still released into the atmosphere. The carbon offsets we purchase directly contribute to the following projects:

We’re helping to provide clean drinking water to communities in need in Haiti by using Hydraid water filters, which decreases carbon dioxide emissions associated with burning wood to boil water for drinking.

* The Haiti Clean Water Project is designed to follow the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) protocol for low greenhouse gas emitting water purification systems and has been independently validated as a Gold Standard Microscale Project.
We are committed to helping preserve shortgrass prairie in Bent County, Colorado by supporting efforts to acquire and conserve 6,900 acres of its grassland. Grasslands store one-third of the earth’s carbon. In the United States, over one million acres of grassland are converted each year, releasing 50%—70% of the carbon they hold as carbon dioxide. Preserving Medford Spring grasslands will prevent an estimated 190,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over the next 50 years. This is the equivalent of almost 208 million pounds of coal burned. We don’t pass along the cost of these investments to the families we serve. We believe the choice to go carbon neutral is one of necessity. At CremateSimply®, we feel the time to act is right now. As we serve you during the most difficult days of your life, please take solace in that you’re helping us give back to our planet. And for that, we thank you.
** The Medford Spring Grassland project will have a permanent conservation easement, a 15-year agreement with the Climate Action Reserve, and be included in an insurance pool that covers any unintentional reversals. Easements prevent conversion to cropland, but allow existing livestock grazing to continue.
CremateSimply® is in good company; other brands working with our renewable energy partner:
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If you would like to learn more and to calculate your own environmental footprint, visit the EPA website.