Direct Cremations in Centennial, CO Available

CremateSimply® has been caring for families and their loved ones in Centennial, CO, and surrounding areas for more than 10 years. For simple cremation arrangements, your family can be assured that we will handle everything, and that there will never be any surprise costs. You can trust us with your loved one because we are licensed and insured professionals who care deeply about helping families through this difficult time in their lives.

Our team is here to help with every step of the process and answer any questions you might have along the way. You are welcome to call us any time of the day, 24/7. For immediate assistance, call (303) 797-6888 today or visit our office.

You have experienced the passing of a loved one. This time of grieving can be overwhelming, but time-sensitive details do need to be addressed. Let us help you to take the pressure off of your timeline with simple cremation. Choosing cremations in Centennial, CO, should be straightforward. That is why we created CremateSimply®.

What is Simple Cremation?

Simple cremation, also known as direct cremation, is where the remains of the deceased are handled via the cremation process without a funeral or other service beforehand. This can create time flexibility to hold a service at a later date. It can also be an excellent support to those who would prefer to keep things very uncomplicated at this time. The cremation process itself is a step-by-step process wherein the deceased’s remains are positively identified and are placed in a cremation container. The remains are then placed into the cremation chamber and subjected to intense heat, usually in the range of 1400-2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This incineration process is not instant. Most of the time, the process takes 90-120 minutes or more to complete. After the process is completed and the chamber cooled, the remaining bone fragments are ground into a sand-like consistency. This is what we commonly refer to as “ashes.” These ashes are placed in an urn, and the family is contacted to arrange for pick up or alternate delivery of the final remains.

What are the Benefits of Working with CremateSimply® for Cremations in Centennial, CO?

We seek to be very transparent with you at CremateSimply®. Cremations are carefully regulated by the laws with which we always comply. We can come to pick up your loved ones and keep them safe in our care for up to 72 hours before anything needs to be done. This can give you a little time to decide if cremation is right for you. If you choose to go another direction, we will transfer your deceased to another location at no charge.

All of our cremations are done in our own facilities. We do not outsource this service. Our rigorous identification process protects against human error and mistakes. We promise to care for your dead with compassion and dignity. We will ensure you receive your loved ones’ ashes at the end of the timeline upon which we agree.
Centennial Colorado Cremation

Our pricing is all-inclusive. We offer a straight forward service, without hidden fees or add ons so you can expect to pay what we quote you. You can request to see your deceased before the cremation takes place for up to 30 minutes. Just let us know you would like to do this. Cremations are handled one person at a time. We never take shortcuts or more than we can handle.

We handle the filing of permits for cremation, notifying social security, and filing for death certificates (there are five certified copies included in our service package). We also include the cremation container and a basic urn for the ashes to be returned to you.

Is Simple Cremation Right for My Situation?

We recognize that direct cremations are not the best fit for everyone. We are here for those who would benefit from a streamlined process with fewer decisions to make. We can support families who do not wish to have a viewing or extended visitation with larger groups. Though we pride ourselves on our kind and professional staff, we are not grief counsellors. Please assess what you and your family will need to get the right support for you.

Can I Have a Service After the Cremation Takes Place?

Yes, of course! Honestly, we encourage it if it makes sense for your situation. However, to be clear, the only service we offer is cremations in Centennial, CO. If you choose to proceed with direct cremation and also desire to have a funeral, memorial, or celebration of life, we can offer you help with the first part. The ceremony can be taken care of by another business to create just what you want.

Can I Pre-Arrange This Service with CremateSimply®?

Absolutely, you can pre-purchase this service before the need arrives. The death need not be upcoming either it is something that will be needed someday, so you can arrange this now like you might any other final affairs. This pre-need purchase also protects against inflation, as we will honor your pre-paid order at a future date regardless of pricing increases that happen over time.

Visit Our Website or Call Today

Our process to get started with cremations in Centennial, CO, is truly easy. Retain our services by clicking “Arrange Now” on our website and follow the prompts. We will come to put your loved one in our care right away. We will also visit with you by phone to make arrangements if you would rather. A simple, uncomplicated, compassionate experience to support you in this challenging time awaits you.

Cremation FAQs

How much does cremation cost?

Many funeral homes and crematories offer cremation packages. In a cremation package, they bundle together with some basic services, and the price quoted for a cremation package is an inclusive price. The average price of a direct cremation generally varies between $495 and $1,500. This cost varies between areas.

How do you choose a funeral home for a cremation?

  • Consult your family and decide on a budget.
  • Learn about your funeral rights.
  • Weigh your priorities.
  • Choose the type of arrangement.
  • Get a list and compare prices.
  • Narrow your choices.
  • Visit several funeral homes.
  • Get quotes.
  • Review online testimonials.
  • Choose your desired funeral home.

How do I choose a funeral director?

  • Look for a member of a professional association such as the National Association of Funeral Directors or the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).
  • Ask for a recommendation from friends, or a local faith leader.
  • Get in touch with your chosen funeral director.