Why Memorials Are Beneficial

Whether it’s a funeral, memorial after cremation in Denver, CO, or celebration of life, everyone should take the time to remember and honor the passing of a loved one No matter how big or small, simple, or extravagant the service is, it’s incredibly beneficial to everyone that attends – especially the bereaved. But why are services so helpful? Here’s why:

  • They Provide Time to Say Goodbye – A service of any kind gives the bereaved a chance to formally say goodbye to their lost loved one. This might seem trivial but being able to say your final goodbyes among loved ones and friends is a vital step in the grieving and healing process so you can begin to move forward. In fact, studies have shown that the ritual of saying goodbye at a service plays an important role in healing.
  • They Offer a Chance for Closure – Losing a loved one sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions that can be incredibly overwhelming and painful. A service, however, allows you to feel those feelings in a safe space and find closure. This way, you can better transition into a new life after the loss that moves on from a physical relationship with the deceased to a spiritual and emotional one.
  • They Allow You to Celebrate a Life Well Lived – Almost every human being gathers with family to celebrate life milestones. A memorial or funeral service is no exception, as death is certainly a major milestone. While a loss is certainly sad, the service can allow the bereaved to celebrate their lost loved one’s amazing life. Instead of simply mourning the loss, a service helps families celebrate a life filled with happiness, love, and wonderful memories. Plus, services give friends and family members a chance to share stories that can be passed down from generation to generation to keep the deceased’s legacy alive. 
  • They Bring People Together – The saying is true; people do need people. This is never truer when people are going through a loss. Honoring a lost loved one with a service brings people together so they can grieve alongside one another and show how the deceased positively impacted their lives in positive and memorable ways.

Any kind of service will offer these benefits to the bereaved. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large and extravagant funeral or celebration of life, or a small and simple memorial service after cremation. The service can be whatever you want and need it to be, with whatever kind of tradition or personalization you’d like.

Are you looking to say goodbye to and honor your lost loved one with a service? We are here to help. We offer a wide range of Denver, CO cremations with the goal of helping people like you remember and honor their lost loved ones. We can help your family give your loved ones the dignified and respectful goodbye they deserve. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today to learn more.