All About Outdoor Cremation Urns

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From scattering and water burials, to inurnment in a columbarium and more, you can get as creative as you want for your loved one’s post-cremation final resting place. You aren’t limited to displaying or housing your loved ones remains in an indoor urn after a cremation service in Denver, CO.

In fact, there are hundreds of options when it comes to body disposition, display or housing post cremation. Some uncommon options are burial, inurnment or display outdoors. You can easily house your loved ones cremated remains in an urn above or below ground outside. If you decide to go this route, however, you do need to choose an urn that specifically made for outdoor use.

What Is an Urn

An urn is a container that is typically used to hold the ashes of a deceased person. Urns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, ceramic, or stone.

What Can Be Used as An Urn

These outdoor cremation urns are designed to remain intact and even beautiful even after long years of outdoor exposure to dirt, dust, rain, snow and more. When shopping for an outdoor urn, you first need to decide if the urn will stay above ground, or be buried below ground, as there are both above and below ground urns. You can choose to bury your loved one’s cremated remains. Like traditional full body burial, burying cremated remains allows you to have a defined place where family and friends can go to remember the lost loved one.

What Type of Urn Is Best for Burial

In some cases, many families already own a burial plot, and want to use this land even if the deceased is cremated. Most cemeteries require an urn vault when burying cremated remains. The vault is typically sealed to keep out moisture and other elements of nature. Since the vault will bear the brunt of the natural exposure, any kind of urn will do. If you don’t have to have an urn vault, you need to choose an urn that is durable. Strong urns from metal, composites or resins are ideal. A cremation urn made from wood, ceramic, or glass would be most likely to lose its integrity over time, leaving the deceased’s remains exposed. Many cemeteries have a columbarium. Columbarium are spaces, rooms or buildings designed to hold and display cremation urns. They have numerous individual niches carved into the walls for this purpose. Columbarium house cremated remains outdoors, but above ground.

cremation service in Denver, CO

When choosing an above ground outdoor urn, a metal urn is best. Bronze, brass, pewter, and stainless steel are great choices, although almost any urn designed for human remains will most likely work. However, it’s important to keep in mind that unless the outer wall of the columbarium is made of glass, you probably won’t be able see the urn once it’s been placed. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about decoration too much. You can choose ceramic or glass, but these urns are not ideal for outdoor use as they are more vulnerable to cracking.

How to Display an Urn in Your Home

If you’re looking for a way to display an urn in your home, there are a few things to consider. First, decide where you want to display the urn. It can be placed on a mantle, shelf, or even the floor. Just make sure it’s not in an area where it could be easily knocked over.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many types of urns are there?

There are many types of urns, but the most common ones are made out of different materials such as wood, metal, or ceramic. Some urns are meant to be buried in the ground, while others can be displayed in a home or office. There are also custom urns that can be designed to reflect the personality of the person who has died.

What kind of urn can be buried?

Most urns can be buried, although some are not intended for burial and may not be durable enough to withstand the elements. Biodegradable urns decompose naturally and do not require a vault or liner.

What does an urn symbolize?

An urn is often used as a symbol of remembrance, as it is something that can hold the ashes of a loved one. It can also symbolize peace and serenity, as well as eternal life.