Tips for Finding Cremation Urns

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Finding the perfect cremation urn after a loved one’s cremation in Thornton, CO can be very stressful, and oftentimes quite hard. You want to try and honor the deceased in the best way possible, but you are also most likely trying to balance design, price, material, and a host of other issues and specifications.

Rather than get stressed out, use these tips to help you find the ideal cremation urn for your lost loved one.

  • What Would the Deceased Want? – Not everyone will have a specific plan laid out for after their death but be sure to do exactly what your lost loved one laid out if he or she did so. If there is no plan in place, use your best judgement as to what he or she would have wanted. Was your loved one big on eco-friendly living? If so, you can look into purchasing an eco-friendly urn to honor their name in. Did your loved one spend most of their time working in the garden? If so, consider purchasing a garden memorial urn.
  • Consider Material – There are wooden urns, metal urns, crystal and glass urns, natural stone urns, and much more. You can narrow down your options by considering what material your loved one would value the most, and what material works with what you want the urn to do. For example, an outdoor or buried urn needs to be a different material than an indoor display urn.
  • Size is Key – Urn size varies, and you should consider size when shopping for an urn. If you’re going to display the urn, it should be able to fit in the place in which you want to display it. For example, if you want to place the urn on your fireplace mantle you need to be sure the base of the urn is the right size to fit on the mantle space. Larger urns work better when placed safely on the ground, so make sure you have a designated area for it if you decide to go with a larger one.
  • Get Creative – Urns can be made as beautiful as any piece or art, and they can range in style from painted and colored to specially molded and shaped. Art urns are also ideal for display, as they lend a unique and personalized air to the memorial.
  • How Will the Urn Be Used? – There are different kinds of urns for different uses. For example, if you’re going to scatter the ashes, you can get a scattering urn. Or if you are going to cast the ashes from an airplane, you need a special airline safe urn. If the urn is going to be displayed outside, you need to be sure you get an outdoor safe urn.

Your loved one’s urn should be just as unique as your loved one, so be sure to take his or her unique preferences, qualities and interests into consideration.

CremateSimply® is here to help if you need more help choosing and urn for after a Thornton, CO cremation. Please stop by and pay us a visit or give us a call today for more information.