The Benefits of Cremations

cremations in Thornton, CO

Death is almost always a difficult and confusing. This is especially when it comes to preparation. There are many decisions to make, and often not a lot of time to make them. One of the biggest decisions you will face is body disposition. While everyone is different, many people in choose cremations in Thornton, CO for their many benefits, including the following.

  1. Personalization – Cremation allows ultimate freedom of expression when it comes to memorial services or funerals. You can scatter a loved one’s ashes in a special place or inter him or her in the ground near long gone family members. The possibilities are almost endless, so you can celebrate life in special and memorable ways that are personalized to you.
  2. Planning Ease – Cremation offers a lot more flexibility in terms of planning than traditional burials. You can hold a memorial at the time of cremation, even sometimes at the crematorium itself. Or you can hold a service after cremation. This flexibility makes it easier for your family to make arrangements around tough schedules and traveling. Cremation also allows for more flexibility when it comes to memorial or service locations as ashes are easily transported. You will not be held to having the funeral at a home but will be able to choose a more convenient or special location.
  3. Combining Tradition and Convenience – You can still have traditional parts of a funeral with cremation, but they will be improved. For example, you can still bury your loved one’s ash after cremation but burying an urn costs much less than burying a casket. Cremation offers flexibility to pick and choose exactly what traditions you want to follow.
  4. Environmental Impact – As our population grows, space is an ever-important commodity. Cremation offers you a chance to be buried at a smaller site, or not be buried at all. This allows for land to be freed up for building homes or growing food. Modern cremation advances also allow you to release less fumes and gases, making cremation a green choice.
  5. Cost – Cremation has proven time and time again to be a much cheaper option than burial. Cremation gets rid of costs such as cosmetizing, embalming, viewing, caskets and more. Burials and traditional funerals can cost a lot, while the cremation itself and common accessories like urns are notably less expensive. A cremation is no less dignified or meaningful than a burial and is also a much better choice in terms of cost.

cremations in Thornton, CO

There are a few potential disadvantages to cremation. However, they are all avoidable with proper planning. Cremation is less profitable for funeral homes, so they might try and sell you and your family on unnecessary add-ons. Be aware of what you want so you are not caught off-guard by sales tactics. Cremation can sometimes lead to unforeseen costs such as viewing ceremonies, casket fees, or grave space costs. Be prepared and trust a quality service to avoid surprise fees.

CremateSimply® is here to help if you want to learn more about Thornton, CO cremations. After all, cremation is a modern and cost-effective way to celebrate the life of a loved one and has many benefits.