7 Myths About Simple Cremation

These days, more and more families are choosing simple cremation. While direct cremation is now more common than ever, there are still some misconceptions out there. Here are a few of the most frequent misunderstandings that families have.

Myth #1: You can’t have a funeral or memorial service.

Many families who choose simple cremation also hold a funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life. Although CremateSimply® does not offer these services, we understand they are an important part of the healing process and encourage families to make arrangements with a local funeral home, church or other venue as they wish. Whether or not you choose to hold a ceremony, we do offer families the opportunity to have a private viewing before cremation. Although this can be emotionally difficult, it has been our experience that those who do opt for a viewing find it can be deeply beneficial to the grief process.

Myth #2: Cremation is an unusual choice.

In the United States, cremation is now a more common choice than burial. There are many reasons for this—it’s a simple way to make final arrangements, it is now widely accepted by many religions, and funeral homes and churches are offering more options than ever for services that go hand in hand with simple cremation. The cost of simple cremation can also be a major reason why it has gained popularity, as it can be considerably more affordable than a traditional funeral and burial, if a family chooses to have a simple ceremony, make arrangements without the assistance of a funeral home, or choose to have no ceremony at all.

Myth #3: Cremation is more affordable than a burial.

It’s true that many simple cremation options are less expensive than many burial options. But just as things such as a more expensive casket or an elaborate funeral can drive up the costs of embalming and burial, how a family chooses to honor their loved one also adds to the price of a cremation. Memorial services, the interring of ashes, or the selection of urns can also make cremation more expensive. In the end, what you decide to do with your loved one’s ashes and what, if any, type of memorial service you choose to have will affect the overall cost of final arrangements.

Myth #4: Cremated remains are ashes.

Although they’re commonly referred to as ashes, cremated remains are not really ash. There are a few steps to cremation—once the actual cremation is complete, bone fragments are left. These fragments are placed in what’s called a cremulator to turn them into a sand-like powder that can then be sealed in a box or outdoor cremation urns and returned to the family.

Myth #5: Direct cremation happens quickly.

Many people think cremation is an extremely quick process. In reality, it does take a bit of time and care to perform a cremation properly. The actual cremation process takes a few hours. However, before the cremation can take place, the staff at CremateSimply® must handle all the legal paperwork, identification processes, and permissions that are necessary. These preparations can take a few days to get in order. Families can usually expect to receive their loved one’s cremated remains in about one week.

Myth #6: Sometimes families receive the wrong person’s ashes.

The state of Colorado has strict regulations for crematoriums that require positive identification from the first moment your loved one arrives at Cremate Simply to the moment of cremation. But more than that, we know that being entrusted with your loved one is an important responsibility and we take it very seriously. Families who choose direct cremation with us can rest assured that we have a stringent identification process. We double-check an individual’s identity every step of the way to ensure a loved one’s remains is placed in the hands of their family.

Myth #7: People are cremated together.

We treat everyone who comes into our care with the utmost dignity. Our entire process, from when we first receive your loved one until we give a family the ashes, is handled with respect and careful attention to detail. We never rush nor take shortcuts, and every cremation is personal, private, and exclusive.

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