Is CremateSimply® Right for My Family?

Many American families choose cremation over traditional burial as the method of final disposition for their loved ones.

Do I want services?

Cremation, or direct cremation, is a cremation that takes place without a ceremony, service, or embalming beforehand. Cremation only involves the transportation of the deceased, safekeeping until the cremation, and the actual cremation itself. At CremateSimply®, we do not offer additional arrangements, such as funeral services, memorial services, or burial services. Many families who choose direct cremation find benefit in the flexibility of being able to plan a service for their loved one on their own time and in their own way. We encourage families who are looking for help planning a funeral to seek the services of a local full-service funeral home.

Do I want embalming or public viewing?

CremateSimply® does not provide either of these services. At CremateSimply®, families have the option to have a private, 30-minute viewing with up to ten people in attendance. For those who would prefer a viewing that allows for more of their family and friends to attend or for a long, time, direct cremation might not be the right choice for them.

Will my family want or need emotional support?

Many families find comfort through the guidance and resources that traditional funeral homes provide, while many don’t feel the need for outside support. We believe it’s important for all who have experienced loss to find emotional support that is right for their unique needs and situation. Although our staff at both our Denver and Aurora locations have extensive experience in funeral service and provides expert and compassionate assistance, we do not offer grief support or other resources to help individuals cope with loss. Families who choose simple cremation often prefer to find guidance and consolation from their own personal network.

Do I want a simplified process with fewer decisions to make?

Traditional funeral homes offer you many options to choose from when planning final arrangements, from the type of final disposition, to where and how the deceased will be laid to rest, to flower arrangements, urns or casket styles, and memorial options. Many families appreciate the variety of selection and options for end-of-life services. However, many others find that fewer choices to make during their time of need are beneficial to them. Losing a loved one is never easy and having to make a multitude of decisions in a very short time can add pressure to an already burdensome experience. Oftentimes, the families we serve at CremateSimply® already know how they will be honoring their loved one after the cremation and don’t require an array of choices to consider, preferring a less comprehensive process.

How much can I or do I want to spend on cremation services?

Often, simple, or direct cremation provides a more affordable cremation option for families. Even basic cremation options at a full-service mortuary tend to be more than at a direct cremation facility due to the additional services they’re provided, such as the guidance and planning help of a funeral director, providing facilities, an array of casket and urn selection, publishing obituaries and notifications, etc. At CremateSimply® in the Denver area, we provide cremation services at one price that includes all products, services, and fees, so you always know exactly how much you will pay.

If you want to learn more about simple cremation or have any questions, we’re always available at 303.797.6888.