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When a Death Occurs at Home

If a death happens at home, and the deceased was under a physician’s care, it’s up to a family member to immediately call us directly at 303-797-6888.

If a death happens at home and it is accidental or unexpected, it’s crucial that you also call 911 before your loved one is moved out of the home.

When a Death Occurs in Supervised Care

In situations where your loved one was in supervised care, such as a nursing home or hospital at the time of death, their staff will immediately notify you and the authorities. If you’ve let the facility know you’ll be working with CremateSimply®, they will also notify us and one of our Cremation Specialists will contact you immediately to help you proceed.

For cases where a loved one was in a hospice program’s care, your first call should be to them where a representative will provide you with the instructions and procedures for moving forward. A coroner or medical examiner may also be notified by the hospice program. After release from the hospice’s care, they will contact us if you have listed CremateSimply® as your funeral home of choice.

Just to confirm, has a loved one has already passed?